About Susan

You can find me hiking, traveling, taking photos, eating tacos, creating images with Pikazo, interviewing candidates & finding talented employees to join SyncStream Solutions.

I live in Atlanta and have worked for a handful of technology / digital media companies – MindSpring which became EarthLink. EzGov. Macquarium. HowStuffWorks which became Discovery Communications. Vitrue which became Oracle. BrightWhistle which became Influence Health. SyncStream Solutions. Who knows where else I’ll add to the list in the future…

I also volunteer with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. I’m on the Steering Committee for the Atlanta Women’s Build (co-chair of the fundraising committee 2015 and 2016). I’m also a mentor to students in the Year Up program and have joined Year Up Atlanta‘s Leadership Council. Great organizations!

When not working, I travel a good bit (thanks to my husband’s employment at Delta Air Lines). I have visited 6 continents — Antarctica is the only one left to visit and it’s on the list for the near future. I love to hike and have enjoyed the challenge of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu as well as hiking the 10 day trek up and down Mount Kilimanjaro. In the US, I’ve enjoyed hikes in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.

Regarding work, I spent my career working in project management and really enjoy the people side of the business as much as the technical side. I’m now working part-time with a software company as their internal recruiter. So far I have hired 13 people for them. I do the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and more. The roles I’ve hired for so far are: Account Managers, Data Analysts, Director of Technical Services, Director of Operations, and the Chief Administrative Officer. More information about my work history is here: LinkedIn profile.

I love photography and all things visual. My Instagram account is filled with photographs that mean something to me, whether it be a fun times out with friends, cool art, gorgeous nature, some food & drinks, and more. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention this really cool app called Pikazo. I’m having a blast creating all sorts of images. Pikazo uses a simulated visual cortex to repaint an image in any style. It is the perfect blend of art & technology! See post #11 for more on Pikazo.

My blog is called “Sounds Great, Let’s Do It“. I try to approach life with a curious & adventuresome spirit and with a great attitude 🙂

If you’re interested in reading my posts, they are in order with the most recent at the top left. Check them out here.



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