#13 – Fasting

Are any of you fasters?

I was drawn to intermittent fasting (IF) because of the autophagy effects. Both of my parents died young and I want to make sure I have a healthy body.

I’ve been following an IF way of life for the past few years. I go 16 to 18 hours of fasting most days and go 19 to 24 every now and then.

Giving up cream in my coffee and breakfast all together haven’t been hard but not eating lunch hasn’t been as easy. So I follow TMAD (two meals a day) but would like to increase my fasting by a few hours and maybe get to OMAD (one meal a day).

Recently I came across some info about dry fasting. I had never considered it but the benefits are amazing, like an intensified water fast (water fasts are what I have been doing).

Turns out if you don’t drink any water or eat any food, your body will be okay. For a limited time of course. In fact, your body will go into more enhanced autophagy, cell breakdown and cleansing, and will find water in the fat burning process.

Here is a good explanation from https://perfectketo.com/dry-fasting/

An intermittent dry fast can further intensify this cleansing process without dehydrating you.

Get this: Limited fluid intake pushes your body to burn more fat since fat can be used to produce metabolic water (water that your body makes internally).

For every 100 grams of fat, your body can make 107-110 grams of water, compared to 60g from carbs and just 42g of water from protein.

In other words, fat is the most efficient source of internal water.

Since you won’t be hydrating your body with external liquids, metabolic water is of extreme importance and your body will strive to make it from fat at a higher rate than it would on a water fast.



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